Bobeldijk innovates with vegan fish

The market in meat substitutes is on the rise. The share of meat substitutes in the total meat(products) market is currently 2.5%, but will increase every year. Proveg has done a research on this topic and sees a 68% growth in the sale of meat substitutes in the past 2 years. Dutch people spend the most money on buying meat substitutes compared to other Europeans, namely €16.84 per person per year on average.

Bobeldijk produces a wide range of meat substitutes, with more than 60 different products. From vegan nuggets to falafel, burgers and schnitzels. This allows us to respond well to the growing demand for plant-based meat substitutes, and even offer product alternatives with vegan cheese, a product group that has also experienced gigantic growth (400% in the last 2 years in The Netherlands).

But what about fish substitutes? These have grown enormously in Germany in the past two years. There, the sale of vegetable fish has increased by 623%. Proveg even indicates that plant-based fish is the most lucrative and promising product group in plant-based food.

A great moment for Bobeldijk to innovate in this product category. We are proud to announce that we now also have a solution for the demand for plant-based fish. A wide range has been developed with the following five products: fried fish bites, fried fish fillet, fish nugget, fish burger and fish fingers.

These products are made with a special fiber, with the aim of mimicking the characteristic structure and taste of white fish as closely as possible.

The fish products can be used at various points of sale and various target groups. Think of places such as fish stalls, food trucks and restaurants. In terms of a target group, the fish products can be used widely and are attractive to both children and adults.

Interested in more information about the fish products? Download our fish flyer by clicking on this button: RETAILFOODSERVICE

"Bobeldijk Food Group is your partner for successful growth in the market for plant-based convenience products."

Remko Vogelenzang (Managing Director)