Together one team

Alfons is a logistics employee at Bobeldijk. He transports pallets back and forth at a rapid pace and ensures that all products are in the right place in the freezer cells.

Alfons Wesselink

Alie is a packaging employee, who mainly deals with sleeving the products. She likes to work with her permanent team and enjoys the ambiance of her workspace.

Alie Dijk – Tempelman

Dennis works at the planning office and has been supporting logistics. He arranges the order entry, packaging management and transport. He also supports the planner.

Dennis Wijnbergen

Emir is a process operator. He is responsible for building and running the frying lines. He ensures that the products leave his workplace with only top quality.

Emir Jakupovic

Eric works on the frying line at Bobeldijk. He works in 2 shifts and ensures that all products are made according to the recipe. He likes the Bobeldijk team and that his work is versatile.

Eric Klein Breukink

Esther is a QC employee at Bobeldijk. She is mainly involved in the day-to-day business of everything that has to do with food safety and quality. She carries out various checks and also provides a follow-up. Quality complaints also reach her, from consumer to supplier.

Esther Kinds

Gerwin works in the quality department. Here he is responsible for the specification management of raw materials, packaging and final products. He also ensures that the correct information is on the packaging (sleeves/labels). His keen eye ensures that these processes run according to legislation, which is constantly changing.

Gerwin Kollenstaart

Hans is operational manager. Within Bobeldijk he is responsible for the operational part of the company. This also includes the supply chain, technical service and facility services departments. Together with his team, he ensures that the customer receives what he ordered to their full satisfaction.

Hans Kakkenberg

Henk is Head of Packaging, which means that he is responsible for the entire packaging department at Bobeldijk. He is proud to be part of such a great company, which has a lot of potential and growth, plus that he can work every day with a very nice and varied team.

Henk van den Berg

Henry works as a Coordinator in the packaging department. He supports team leader Resha in managing the packaging department. He ensures that malfunctions are resolved quickly and the products are packed on time.

Henry Doornebosch

Inge works at Bobeldijk as a Personnel Officer. She takes care of personnel administration, payment of salary and everything else that comes with it. Employees can also contact Inge if they have questions about the collective labor agreement, pension and employment conditions. Inge is also jointly responsible for the internal newsletter.

Inge Kers

Khwan is a packaging employee and is mainly involved in sleeving products and packing them in display boxes.

Khwan Yenthim

Kinga is an operator on the packaging line. She is a highly driven and motivated employee, who ensures that the packaging process runs smoothly and that minor malfunctions are resolved quickly.

Kinga Smolkowicz

Klaudia is an operator on the packaging line. She is welknown for het funny jokes and is easy going. She always manages to create positive vibes in the workplace.

Klaudia Kowalczyk

Linda is Product Manager at Bobeldijk. She coordinates product and packaging development for our own brand Vegafit and for (private label) customers, both within the Netherlands and international. She takes care of everything: from idea to product in the store. Linda’s great passion is innovation. This means that she is involved in innovation processes, for example by introducing an internal innovation plan. Linda is also responsible for social media and other marketing communications.

Linda Klock

Mark is Product Developer at Bobeldijk. After gaining a lot of experience in the food world, the market of vegan and vegetarian products was the most challenging for him. Mark develops the most innovative and tasty vegetable products with great enthusiasm and knowledge.

Mark Beniers

Mathew is an operator on the frying line. He manages the lines and converts them during product changes.

Mathew Cooper

Metin has been working at Bobeldijk since 2018. Here he started as a production employee, and grew into his new function process supervisor. His goal is to improve processes together with colleagues and take them to a higher level.

Metin Yilmaz

Michal is an operator on the frying line. He makes dough and rebuilds the lines during product changes.

Michal Mocydlarz

Omar is a production worker on the frying line. Here he is mainly busy preparing the dough that all our products consist of.

Omar Abubaker

Remco works at Bobeldijk as an Operator of the frying line. He has extensive experience as an operator for fresh and cooked products, he is not unfamiliar with the vegan profession. Remco looks forward to further growth of Bobeldijk, he appreciates his nice colleagues and pleasant working atmosphere.

Remco Eilander

As a Director, I have the great task of ensuring that all colleagues work together to achieve the best result as a connecting factor.

We do this every day with the aim to become even better and to continue to surprise our customers with beautiful new products.

Remko Vogelenzang

René works in the logistics process. He is constantly transporting pallets from the freezers to the packaging line.

René Mollenhof

Resha works as Team Leader of the packaging department. Together with the other Team Leader she works alternately in 2 shifts to keep the packaging department on the right track.

Resha van Zuidam

Sandra is HR Manager at Bobeldijk. She is responsible for all personnel matters. From wages, to training, absenteeism management and vacancies. Personal development is very high on her agenda. Her vision is to make Bobeldijk a more professional company in which everyone has the opportunity to develop further and to build a joint (plantbased) future.

Sandra Boom

Sietze manages the quality department. He is responsible for the quality manual, keeping it up to date with regard to legislation and standards. This includes the IFS certificate. Sietze is also the point of contact within the organization when it comes to quality matters and food safety.

Sietze van der Meulen

Somporn is the operator of packaging line 2. She likes to convert the packaging line during product changes, and to switch it up every time.

Somporn van Velzen

Susanne is Senior Product Manager at Bobeldijk. Her experience has enabled her to transform the Product Management and Marketing department at Bobeldijk into a well-oiled machine, where she guides both Dutch and international customers with introductions and changes. Her catchy laugh can be heard down the office corridors and creates a lot of positivity in the workplace. Susanne has experienced great growth at Bobeldijk, which she would like to continue.

Susanne Voetz

Tim is a Production Planner at Bobeldijk. From his workexperience in the Bobeldijk factory, he knows exactly how the production lines can be planned as efficiently as possible. In addition, Tim is responsible for the stock in both bulk and VVP. Tim can switch quickly, and is not put off by a large rush order. In no time, he can change the planning so that 20,000 nuggets can be packed quickly.

Tim Hekkert

Wieke has been Junior Product Manager at Bobeldijk since 2021. Here she mainly focuses on social media and product management. Instagram is her hobby, and for our brand Vegafit she develops and photographs recipes to inspire followers on Instagram to eat more plant-based. She also ensures that customers receive samples and coordinates matters such as sleeve changes and fast-lane introductions, both within the Netherlands and internationally.

Wieke Kleine Koerkamp

Yvonne is Coordinator at the Sales department and the spider in the web within the organization. With her helicopter view, she ensures that the orders that come in are produced, packed and then reach the stores on time. Customer satisfaction is her top priority, and it shows in terms of delivery performance.

Yvonne Grolleman

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