Organic Vegetarian Crispy Nuggets

Soy-based nuggets, breaded with cornflakes. The breading gives the nugget a nice crispy bite. The nuggets weigh 20 grams.

Bio Krokant nuggets - productfoto


59% hydrated soy flour*, 15% cornflakes* (sweet corn*, cane sugar*, sea salt, barley malt extract*), onion*, wheat flour*, sunflower oil*, chickenegg protein*, potato starch*, spices*, wheat protein*, mustard* (water, natural vinegar*, mustard seed*, sea salt, turmeric*), salt, vinegar*, thickener (guar gum*), acidity regulator (citric acid), herbs*.
* = from organic origin

Nutritional values

Energy987 kJ / 235 kcal
Fat8,0 g
of which saturates0,9 g
Carbohydrates24,7 g
of which sugars3,2 g
Protein13,3 g
Fibre5,4 g
Salt1,1 g

Preparation method

Frying pan:
Deep fry in oil at 180°C for about 2 minutes.

Fry in hot oil or butter for approx. 4 minutes on medium heat. Turn frequently.

Heat for about 6 minutes in a pre-heated airfryer (180°C).

Heat in preheated oven (220°C) for approx. 10 minutes.

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