More than 10 years ago, Bobeldijk started producing and packaging plant-based products for retail and food service. Since then, several international private label customers have joined. From the beginning of 2020 we stopped producing meat, and focused specifically on the production of plant-based and vegetarian products. We are specialised in this field and therefore we like to be your partner in plant-based!

Working together in product development

We specialise in private label concepts, product development, partnerships with start-ups and we can offer products under our Vegafit brand. We can also develop completely new products on request. Interested in a partnership in the field of product development? Contact us.

"Bobeldijk Food Group is your partner for successful growth in the market for plant-based convenience products."

Sustainable development of plant-based products

We have done everything we can to make tasty products without animal ingredients. We did it! We, therefore, focus as much as possible on plant-based products in the development of our range, because we believe that we can make the world a more (eco)friendly, nicer, and greener place.

Read on to learn how we apply sustainability to other aspects of our business. 

Working on sustainable and innovative products on a daily basis?

At Bobeldijk we work every day on the tastiest plant-based products for various large, small, domestic, and international customers. We are always looking for enthusiastic employees who are happy to roll up their sleeves. Joining Bobeldijk in the near future?



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