Partner in food service

Bobeldijk is the ultimate partner when it comes to plant-based products in food service. We can package our products in 2kg, 4kg, and 8kg boxes, which are best suited to food service.

Food packaging made to fit
We can also produce custom-made boxes if required. Because customer focus is our top priority, we listen carefully to the wishes of our customer. We provide support for the entire process from A to Z.

Thanks to years of experience, both domestically and internationally, we know the various food service processes and have achieved successes here. Bobeldijk is very flexible due to its small scale setup: we can respond quickly to customer wishes, in which the quality of the product and customer satisfaction are paramount.

Standard range

We have an extensive and carefully compiled range of vegetarian and plant-based products. This is a result of the years of experience of our innovative product developers.


Develop your own product
Would you rather put together your own range or have your own product developed at Bobeldijk?

This is also an option! Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.



"Bobeldijk Food Group is your partner for successful growth in the market for plant-based convenience products."