Sales department
The Sales department is the hub between all the spokes at Bobeldijk. This department is the link between (potential) customers, colleagues from the field service, marketing, planning, product development, logistics, quality, and purchasing. They ensure that the orders placed reach the customer in the correct quantity. According to the conditions agreed and at the time requested. Therefore, good coordination between direct colleagues is essential.

In addition, the back office provides invoicing and handles complaints from customers. They also provide the turnover figures (weekly-monthly) for management and colleagues working for the front office. Due to the diverse group of customers at home and abroad, they speak various languages fluently.

Putting together the planning and forecast for the various customers, in order to be able to produce and package as efficiently as possible, is also part of the job.

Yvonne Grolleman about working as part of the back office: “There are many challenges for us every day. The department is always quite chaotic. Which makes sense if you're the spider in the web of the business. Everyone needs information from you. Never a dull moment in this department.”


Product management/Marketing
The Product Management/Marketing department mainly deals with the introductions, changes and remediation of products for all Bobeldijk Food Group customers. The department supports the customer throughout the entire process from product idea to product on the shelves - from setting up the systems to taking care of the packaging.
Besides the introduction of products, the team is also involved in internal marketing and marketing for its own Vegafit brand. Internal marketing involves, for example, putting together meal packages for employees to keep them 'close to' the product. We mainly market our Vegafit brand through social media (Instagram and Facebook), our website, and working together with bloggers. This department is also part of the exhibition preparations including, among others, the PLMA.


Product development and process technology
The Product Development department mainly works on developing new products and optimising current recipes. This can include optimising the process or improvements made to the raw material(s).

The development of a new product starts small in our test kitchen, where we also test various raw materials. After this development, a trial production run always takes place to see and monitor how the product passes through the production line.

After a successful trial production run, and of course with the approval of the customer, the product is put into production. Product development will also always be present to guide and possibly direct production in order to achieve the desired end result.

But before it gets that far, it is of course still important to convert the recipe into our system so that production also receives the correct recipe and working method.

Human resources
The Human Resources department deals with advising, guiding and informing, but also providing support to managers and employees with regard to terms of employment, personnel policy, and personal development.

It is important that all employees feel safe and heard within our company and that we offer everyone plenty of opportunities to develop and enjoy their work.

Another part is recruitment and selection, in which it is important that the right person is found, in the right place, to ensure the best possible work can be done within our company.

The department also deals with personnel administration (start/end of employment, changes) payroll, absenteeism, employment agencies etc.

Sandra Boom / HR manager: “People make the difference! We cherish that. That is why I am involved with all our employees on a daily basis to make it possible for there to be a pleasant workplace where people feel at home, valued and stimulated and happy to come to work every day.”

Quality control department
Our quality control department supervises the quality of our products and compliance with the agreed quality standards for products, production processes and employees. This includes things like inspections, hygiene rounds, internal and process audits, line checks, validations, and verifications. This makes them an important link between customers and the organisation.

ICT and Business office
No two days are ever the same in this department. This department deals with a wide spectrum of activities. Under the heading of ICT you can think of setting up and keeping digital systems "up-to-date", solving minor ICT malfunctions, and supporting the digital improvement of the company. Analyses are mainly made in the Business Office. This ranges from analysing production efficiency to making cost prices. In addition, the Business Office supports planning and purchasing.


Business Team(BT)
The management of our company is formed by the Business Team (BT)
The BT consists of the General Director, Manager, Controller, Head of Quality Control, and the HR Manager. All the different departments within Bobeldijk are represented by them. BT is responsible for Bobeldijk policy.


"People make the difference! And that's what we cherish. That is why I am involved on a daily basis with all our employees to make it possible to have a pleasant workplace where people feel at home, are valued and stimulated and come to enjoy it every day."